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Census Records

TypeRegionBegin DateEnd DateDescriptionFormat
CensusA Census of PensionersOnline
CensusCensus records and Cherokee muster rollsOnline
CensusDeath notices copied from the Cooperstown federalistOnline
CensusFinding Answers in the U.S. CensusCD
CensusFinding Answers in the U.S. Census (Scratch and Dent)CD
CensusThe Old Northwest as the keystone of the arch of American federal union : a study in commerce and politicsOnline
CensusU.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules IndexOnline
CensusCT, NYConnecticut federalism, or, Aristocratic politics in a social democracy : an address delivered before the New York Historical SOnline
CensusGASpecial message of Gov. Joseph E. Brown to the Legislature of Georgia : on our federal relations, retaliatory state legislationOnline
CensusILSuggestions for county and local celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the admission of Illinois into the federal UnOnline
CensusKYOld Kentucky architecture : colonial, federal, Greek revival, Gothic, and other types erected prior to the War Between the StatOnline
CensusNYFirst federal census of all Dutchess County, New York : comprising 12 towns, Amenia, Beekman, Clinton, Fishkill, FrederickstownOnline
CensusNYNew York Petitions for NaturalizationOnline
CensusNYNew York State Census CollectionOnline
CensusPAEarly census records of Crawford County, Pennsylvania.Online
CensusUKU.K. Census Free SampleOnline
CensusWAThe federal city, or, Ins and abouts of WashingtonOnline
Census160717891607-1789 Census Index: Colonial AmericaCD
CensusVA16071890Virginia Census, 1607-1890Online
CensusLA16991732The Census Tables for the French Colony of Louisiana from 1699 Through 1732Online
CensusMA1707Boston, Massachusetts, Census, 1707Online
CensusRI17401890Rhode Island Census, 1740-1890Online
CensusUK1766Ireland 1766 Religious CensusOnline
Census177017901770-1790 Census of the Cumberland SettlementsOnline
CensusMD17721890Maryland Census, 1772-1890Online
CensusNJ17721890New Jersey Census, 1772-1890Online
CensusPA17721890Pennsylvania Census, 1772-1890Online
CensusRI1774Rhode Island Census, 1774Online
CensusMD1776Maryland Colonial Census, 1776Online
CensusNC17841787State Census of North Carolina, 1784-1787Online
Census17901790 United States Federal CensusOnline
Census17901782Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790. : records of the state enumerations, 1782 toOnline
Census17901840Smocks in the censuses, 1790-1840Online
CensusCA17901890California Census, 1790-1890Online
CensusCT1790Connecticut Census, 1790Online
CensusCT17901890Connecticut Census, 1790-1890Online
CensusDE17901890Delaware Census, 1790-1890Online
CensusGA1790The Reconstructed 1790 Census of GeorgiaOnline
CensusGA17901890Georgia Census, 1790-1890Online
CensusIN17901890Indiana Census, 1790-1890Online
CensusKY1790Kentucky Census, Reconstructed, 1790Online
CensusMA1790Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790: MassachusettsOnline
CensusMA17901890Massachusetts Census, 1790-1890Online
CensusMA17901920Hancock, Massachusetts Census, 1790-1920Online
CensusMA17901920Lanesboro, Massachusetts Census, 1790-1920Online
CensusMA17901920Peru, Massachusetts, Census Records, 1790-1920Online
CensusME1790Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790: MaineOnline
CensusNC1790North Carolina Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790.Online
CensusNC17901890North Carolina Census, 1790-1890Online
CensusNH1790Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790: New HampshireOnline
CensusNH17901890New Hampshire Census, 1790-1890Online
CensusNY1790New York: State Census of Albany County Towns in 1790Online
CensusNY1790The United States government census, 1790, Westchester County, New York : arranged and tabulated alphabetically and with groupsOnline
CensusNY17901890New York Census, 1790-1890Online
CensusOH17901890Ohio Census, 1790-1890Online
CensusPA17901880Whiteside(s) names listed in Pennsylvania censuses for selected counties, 1790-1880Online
CensusSC1790Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790: South CarolinaOnline
CensusSC17901890South Carolina Census, 1790-1890Online
CensusVT17901860Vermont Census, 1790-1860Online
CensusLA17911890Louisiana Census, 1791-1890Online
CensusMS17921866Mississippi State and Territorial Census Collection, 1792-1866Online
Census18001800 United States Federal CensusOnline
CensusAZ, NM1800Arizona and New Mexico Territories Census, Late 1800sOnline
CensusCanada18001842Ontario and Nova Scotia Census, 1800-1842Online
CensusDC18001890District of Columbia Census, 1800-90Online
CensusKY1800Second Census' of Kentucky 1800Online
CensusMA1800Index to the 1800 Census of MassachusettsOnline
CensusME18001890Maine Census, 1800-90Online
CensusNY1800Otsego County, New York, U.S. Census of 1800, for the towns of Cherry Valley (all) and Middlefield (part) : names of heads of fOnline
CensusSC1800Index to the 1800 Census of South CarolinaOnline
CensusSC1800Laurens County, South Carolina Census, 1800Online
CensusMS18051890Mississippi Census, 1805-90Online
Census18101810 United States Federal CensusOnline
CensusAL18101890Alabama Census, 1810-90Online
CensusIL18101818Illinois Census Returns, 1810 [and] 1818Online
CensusIL18101880Whiteside(s) names listed in Illinois censuses for selected counties, 1810-1880Online
CensusIL18101890Illinois Census, 1810-90Online
CensusKY18101890Kentucky Census, 1810-90Online
CensusLA18101820Louisiana Census Records. Volume I: Avoyelles and St. Landry Parishes, 1810 and 1820Online
CensusLA18101820Louisiana Census Records. Volume II: Iberville, Natchitoches, Pointe Coupee, and Rapides Parishes, 1810 and 1820Online
CensusTN18101891Tennessee Census, 1810-91Online
CensusVA18101810 census of Augusta County, VirginiaOnline
CensusVA18101810 census of Bath County, VirginiaOnline
CensusVA18101810 census of Botetourt County, VirginiaOnline
CensusVA18101810 census of Montgomery County, VirginiaOnline
CensusVA18101810 Frederick County, Virginia censusOnline
Census1819Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census, 1819Online
CensusAR, KS18191870Arkansas Census, 1819-70Online
Census18201820 United States Federal CensusOnline
CensusAL1820Alabama Census Returns, 1820Online
CensusFL18201890Florida Census, 1820-90Online
CensusGA1820Index to the United States Census of Georgia for 1820Online
CensusIL1820Illinois Census Returns, 1820Online
CensusIL1820Illinois Census, 1820Online
CensusIN18201820 federal census for IndianaOnline
CensusIN18201880Whiteside(s) names listed in Indiana censuses for selected counties, 1820-1880Online
CensusTN1820Index to the 1820 Census of TennesseeOnline
CensusTX18201890Texas Census, 1820-90Online
CensusVA1820Russell County, Virginia, census of 1820Online
CensusWI18201890Wisconsin Census, 1820-90Online
CensusMI18271870Michigan Census, 1827-70Online
CensusNJ18271832Census of Paterson, New Jersey, 1827-32Online
CensusAustralia18281828 New South Wales, Australia Census (TNA Copy)Online
Census18301830 United States Federal CensusOnline
CensusGA1830Index to the 1830 Census of GeorgiaOnline
CensusMO18301870Missouri Census, 1830-70Online
CensusAZ18311880Arizona Census, 1831-80Online
CensusMN18351890Minnesota Census, 1835-90Online
CensusIA18361925Iowa State Census Collection, 1836-1925Online
CensusIA18381870Iowa Census, 1838-70Online
Census18401840 United States Federal CensusOnline
CensusAR, KS1840Arkansas Census, 1840Online
CensusIN1840Index to the sixth census of the United States for Allen County, Indiana, 1840Online
CensusOR18411890Oregon Census, 1841-90Online
CensusUK18411841 Channel Islands CensusOnline
CensusUK18411841 England CensusOnline
CensusUK18411841 Isle of Man CensusOnline
CensusUK18411841 Scotland CensusOnline
CensusUK18411841 Wales CensusOnline
CensusUK18411851Ireland: 1841/1851 Census Abstracts (Northern Ireland)Online
CensusUK18411851Ireland: 1841/1851 Census Abstracts (Northern Ireland)Online
CensusUK18411851Ireland: 1841/1851 Census Abstracts (Republic of Ireland)Online
CensusMO18441881Missouri State Census Collection, 1844-1881Online
CensusMN18491905Minnesota Territorial and State Censuses, 1849-1905Online
Census18501850 U.S. Federal Census - Slave SchedulesOnline
Census18501850 United States Federal CensusOnline
Census18501880U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880Online
CensusAL1850Autauga County, Alabama 1850 censusOnline
CensusCA1850Los Angeles City and County Census, 1850Online
CensusCA18501860Monterey, California Census, 1850-60Online
CensusCA18501880Whiteside(s) names listed in California censuses for selected counties, 1850-1880Online
CensusKS18501890Kansas Census, 1850-90Online
CensusOR1850Oregon Territory Census, 1850Online
CensusPA18501850 census, East Vincent Township, Chester County, PennsylvaniaOnline
CensusSC1850Free Blacks and Mulattos in South Carolina 1850 CensusOnline
CensusUT18501890Utah Census, 1850-90Online
CensusVA1850Census returns of Lewis County (West) Virginia for 1850 : copied from the original federal census records in the Census Bureau,Online
CensusVA1850The seventh population census of the United States for Russell County, Virginia, 1850Online
CensusWA18501890Washington Census, 1850-90Online
CensusCanada18511851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova ScotiaOnline
CensusCanada1851Addington County, Ontario Canada 1851 CensusOnline
CensusCanada1851Lennox County, Ontario Canada 1851 CensusOnline
CensusCanada1851Wellington County, Ontario Canada 1851 CensusOnline
CensusUK18511851 Census Records: United KingdomCD
CensusUK18511851 Isle of Man CensusOnline
CensusUK18511851 United Kingdom Census SampleOnline
CensusUK18511851 Wales CensusOnline
CensusUK1851County Antrim, Ireland 1851 CensusOnline
CensusUK1851County Cork, Ireland, a Collection of 1851 Census RecordsOnline
CensusUK1851Suffolk Returns From the Census of Religious Worship of 1851Online
CensusNE18541870Nebraska Census, 1854-70Online
Census1855Population index to the 1855 Baldwin County censusOnline
CensusKS1855Kansas Territorial Census, 1855Online
CensusKS18551915Kansas State Census Collection, 1855-1915Online
CensusMA1855Barnstable County Massachusetts 1855 CensusOnline
CensusWA18571892Washington State and Territorial Censuses, 1857-1892Online
Census18601860 U.S. Federal Census - Slave SchedulesOnline
Census18601860 United States Federal CensusOnline
CensusAL1860Baldwin County, Alabama, 1860 federal census and schedule of deathsOnline
CensusAL1860Federal death records of Alabama, 1860 : (Autauga, Baldwin, Barbour, Bibb, Blount & Butler Counties).Online
CensusNV18601910Nevada Census, 1860-1910Online
CensusWY18601910Wyoming Census, 1860-1910Online
CensusCanada1861Brighton, Ontario Census, 1861Online
CensusCanada1861Durham County, Ontario Census, 1861Online
CensusUK18611861 Channel Islands CensusOnline
CensusUK18611861 Isle of Man CensusOnline
CensusAZ1864Arizona Territory Census, 1864Online
CensusGA18641864 Census for Re-Organizing the Georgia MilitiaOnline
CensusKS1865Leavenworth, Kansas State Census, 1865Online
CensusKS1865Riley county, Kansas State Census, 1865Online
Census1867Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census, 1867Online
CensusWY18671920Laramie County, Wyoming Naturalization Records, 1867-1920Online
Census18701870 United States Federal CensusOnline
CensusAK18701907Alaska Census, 1870-1907Online
CensusMA1870Webster, Massachusetts Census, 1870Online
CensusMA1870West Boylston, Massachusetts Census, 1870Online
CensusMA1870West Brookfield, Massachusetts Census, 1870Online
CensusMA1870Westborough, Massachusetts Census, 1870Online
CensusMA1870Westminster, Massachusetts Census, 1870Online
CensusMA1870Winchendon, Massachusetts Census, 1870Online
CensusND18701890North Dakota Census, 1870-90Online
CensusVA18701870 census of Russell County, VirginiaOnline
CensusWI1870Winnebago County, Oshkosh Wisconsin, Census, 1870Online
CensusCanada1871Kent County, New Brunswick Census, 1871: Eight SubdistrictsOnline
CensusCanada1871Ontario, Canada Census Index, 1871Online
CensusUK18711871 Channel Islands CensusOnline
CensusUK18711871 Isle of Man CensusOnline
CensusKS1875Riley County, Kansas Census, 1875Online
CensusNV1875Nevada State Census, 1875Online
Census18801880 United States Federal CensusOnline
CensusIN1880Clark County, Indiana Census, 1880Online
CensusMO1880Howell County, Missouri Census, 1880Online
CensusWA1880Index to the 1880 census of Yakima County, Washington TerritoryOnline
CensusCanada1881Ameliasburg, Prince Edward District, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Athol, Picton, and Wellington, Prince Edward District, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Blenheim, Chatham, and Harwich, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Colchester South, Essex County, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Dover, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Essex District, Ontario, Canada Census, 1881 (Kingsville, Colchester, Sandwich, Pelee, Gosfield)Online
CensusCanada1881Hillier Township, Prince Edward County, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Hope, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Kent County, Ontario, Canada, 1881 Census: Chatham, WallaceburghOnline
CensusCanada1881Marysborough South, Prince Edward District, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Mersea, Essex District, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Millbrook, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Newcastle, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Port Hope, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Raleigh Township, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Romney Township, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusCanada1881Tilbury, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1881Online
CensusUK18811881 Channel Islands CensusOnline
CensusUK18811881 Isle of Man CensusOnline
CensusMI1884Census of the state of Michigan, 1884Online
CensusCO1885Colorado State Census, 1885Online
CensusFL1885Florida State Census, 1885Online
CensusIA1885Iowa State Census 1885Online
CensusKS1885Riley county, Kansas, 1885 State CensusOnline
CensusNE1885Nebraska State Census, 1885Online
CensusSD1885South Dakota Territorial Census, 1885Online
Census18901890 United States Federal Census FragmentOnline
Census1890City Directories, 1890 Census SubstituteOnline
Census1890Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census, 1890Online
CensusNY1890New York City Police Census, 1890Online
CensusOK18901907Oklahoma Territorial Census, 1890 and 1907Online
CensusCanada1891Assiniboia, Lisgar District, Manitoba Census, 1891Online
CensusCanada1891Belcourt, Lisgar District, Manitoba Census, 1891Online
CensusCanada1891Chatham and Blenheim, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1891Online
CensusCanada1891East Selkirk and Varennes, Lisgar District, Manitoba Census, 1891Online
CensusCanada1891Hope, Ontario Census, 1891Online
CensusCanada1891Lisgar District, Manitoba 1891 Census: SD Woodlands & St PaulOnline
CensusCanada1891Lisgar District, Manitoba Census, 1891: Gimli, Kildonan, Macdonald, Plessis, Rockwood, Selkirk TownOnline
CensusCanada1891Marquette District, Manitoba Census, 1891Online
CensusCanada1891Millbrook, Ontario Census, 1891Online
CensusCanada1891Newcastle, Ontario Census, 1891Online
CensusCanada1891Port Hope, Ontario Census, 1891Online
CensusUK18911891 British Census Index: England (Deluxe Edition*)CD
CensusUK18911891 British Census Index: England (Standard Edition*)CD
CensusUK18911891 British Census Index: England (Standard Edition*)CD
CensusUK18911891 British Census Index: England (Standard Edition*)CD
CensusUK18911891 British Census Index: Wales (Standard Edition*)CD
CensusUK18911891 Channel Islands CensusOnline
CensusUK18911891 Isle of Man CensusOnline
CensusMI1894Census of the state of Michigan, 1894Online
CensusMI1894Michigan State Census, 1894Online
CensusIA1895Iowa State Census, 1895Online
CensusNJ1895New Jersey State Census, 1895Online
CensusSD1895South Dakota State Census, 1895Online
CensusWI18951905Wisconsin State Censuses, 1895 and 1905Online
CensusMT18971898Census of the Blackfeet, Montana, 1897-1898Online
Census19001900 United States Federal CensusOnline
Census1900Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census, 1900Online
CensusAR, KS1900Newton County, Arkansas Census, 1900Online
CensusGA1900Houston County, Georgia Census, 1900Online
CensusGA1900Irwin County, Georgia Census, 1900Online
CensusHI19001910Hawaii Census, 1900-10Online
CensusKY1900Daviess County, Kentucky Census, 1900Online
CensusMA1900Williamstown, Massachusetts Census, 1900Online
CensusMA19001920Cheshire, Massachusetts Census, 1900-20Online
CensusMN19001910Rice County, Minnesota Census, 1900-10Online
CensusTX1900Dawson, Deaf Smith, Denton and Martin, Texas Census, 1900Online
CensusTX1900Gregg County, Texas Census, 1900Online
CensusUT1900Beaver County, Utah Census, 1900Online
CensusVA1900Rockingham County, Virginia Census, 1900Online
CensusWA1900Thurston County, Washington Census, 1900Online
CensusWI1900Marinette County, Wisconsin Census, 1900 (Excluding Grover Precinct)Online
Census1901The Federal Directory of Newcastle and District for 1901Online
CensusCanada19011901 Census of CanadaOnline
CensusUK19011901 Channel Islands CensusOnline
CensusUK19011901 Isle of Man CensusOnline
CensusUK19011901 Wales CensusOnline
CensusCO19041908Navajo Springs, Colorado Ute Census, 1904-08Online
CensusMI1904Census of the state of Michigan, 1904Online
CensusKS1905Riley county, Kansas, 1905 State CensusOnline
CensusCanada19061906 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and AlbertaOnline
Census19101910 United States Federal CensusOnline
CensusAZ1910Navajo County, Arizona Census, 1910Online
CensusKY1910Kentucky 1910 Miracode IndexOnline
CensusMA19101920Williamstown, Massachusetts Census, 1910-20Online
CensusMT1910Beaverhead County, Montana Census, 1910Online
CensusOH1910Ohio 1910 Census Miracode IndexOnline
CensusOK1910Muskogee County, Oklahoma Census, 1910Online
CensusPA1910Pennsylvania 1910 Miracode IndexOnline
CensusTX1910Gregg County, Texas Census, 1910Online
CensusUT1910Emery County, Utah Census, 1910Online
CensusUT1910Garfield County, Utah Federal Census, 1910Online
CensusUT1910Iron County, Utah Census, 1910Online
CensusVA1910Virginia 1910 Census Miracode IndexOnline
CensusNV19141920Walker River Valley, Nevada Paiute Indian Records, 1914-20Online
CensusKS1915Riley County, Kansas State Census, 1915Online
CensusNY1915Albany, New York State Census, 1915Online
Census19201920 United States Federal CensusOnline
CensusGA1920Worth County, Georgia Census, 1920Online
CensusKY1920Daviess County, Kentucky Census, 1920Online
CensusMA1920Barnstable, Massachusetts Census, 1920Online
CensusMA1920Dennis, Massachusetts Census, 1920Online
CensusMN1920Faribault, Minnesota Census, 1920Online
CensusMN1920Northfield, Minnesota Census, 1920Online
CensusMN1920Rice County, Minnesota Census, 1920Online
CensusMN1920Winona County, Minnesota Census, 1920Online
CensusMO1920Franklin County, Missouri Census, 1920Online
CensusMO1920Holt County, Missouri Census, 1920Online
CensusOK1920Payne County, Oklahoma Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Cheatham County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Clay County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920DeKalb County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Houston County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Jackson County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Macon County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Overton County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Robertson County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Rutherford County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Smith County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Stewart County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Trousdale County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Van Buren County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920White County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTN1920Wilson County, Tennessee Census, 1920Online
CensusTX1920Gregg County, Texas Census, 1920Online
CensusKS1925Riley County Kansas 1925 Decennial Agricultural State censusOnline
Census19301930 Census of Merchant SeamenOnline
Census19301930 United States Federal CensusOnline
CensusNE19301930 U.S. Federal Census: Nebraska (Deluxe Edition)CD

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