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US Census Records for 1880

TypeRegionBegin DateEnd DateDescriptionFormat
Family11161880Genealogy of the Caverly family : from the year 1116 to the year 1880, made profitable exemplified by many a lesson in life.Online
Family15501880Genealogy of the Bliss family in America from about the year 1550 to 1880Online
Family16151880A memoir and genealogy of John Poore : ten generations, 1615-1880 : including the posterity of numerous daughters whereby pedigOnline
Other16301880Curiosities of history : Boston, September seventeenth, 1630-1880Online
HistoryMA16301880History of Newton, Massachusetts : town and city, from its earliest settlement to the present time, 1630-1880Online
HistoryMA16301880The Memorial history of Boston : including Suffolk County, Massachusetts, 1630-1880Online
Family16401880Genealogy of a part of the Wodell family from 1640 to 1880 : with notices of some other families, copies of ancient interestingOnline
FamilyCT16411880The history of the old town of Derby, Connecticut, 1641-1880 : with biographies and genealogiesOnline
FamilyNY16441880Some account of the Ireland family : originally of Long Island, N.Y., 1644-1880Online
Other16591880Annals of the town of Mendon, from 1659 to 1880Online
History16601880The history of the northern interior of British Columbia (formerly New Caledonia) (1660-1880)Online
Family16641880Genealogy of the Wharton family of Philadelphia : 1664 to 1880Online
FamilyMI17101880Michigan pioneer experiences, 1710-1880 : with genealogical data and anecdotesOnline
VitalNC17201880Edgecombe County, North Carolina Vital Records, 1720-1880Online
Family17351880A genealogical table of the Stevenson family, from 1735 to 1880 : with memoranda of a few names found in the tableOnline
Vital17511880Mexican Parish Records, 1751-1880Online
Military17801880Visits to the Saratoga battle-grounds, 1780-1880 : with an introduction and notesOnline
ChurchVA17801880The first century of the First Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia : 1780-1880.Online
Immigration17891880Philadelphia, 1789-1880 Naturalization RecordsOnline
CensusPA17901880Whiteside(s) names listed in Pennsylvania censuses for selected counties, 1790-1880Online
VitalNY18011880New York, Marriage Newspaper Extracts, 1801-1880 (Barber Collection)Online
OtherMI18041880Bibliography of the printed maps of Michigan, 1804-1880 : with a series of over one hundred reproductions of maps, constitutingOnline
Family18091880Lang genealogy : continuation from John Lang (1809-1880) as shown on page 85 of Howard Parker Moore's Genealogy of the first fOnline
CensusIL18101880Whiteside(s) names listed in Illinois censuses for selected counties, 1810-1880Online
Immigration18201880Dutch Immigrants to America, 1820-1880Online
CensusIN18201880Whiteside(s) names listed in Indiana censuses for selected counties, 1820-1880Online
OtherMO18301880Whiteside(s) names listed in Missouri cenuses [sic] for selected counties, 1830-1880Online
CensusAZ18311880Arizona Census, 1831-80Online
VitalNJ18371880Atlantic County, New Jersey Marriages, 1837-1880Online
VitalMO18381880Macon County, Missouri, Will Records & Marriage Records: 1838-80Online
VitalMO18451880Nodaway County, Missouri Wills and Administrations 1845-1880Online
VitalMO18461880Harrison County, Missouri Marriages: 1846-80 (A-D)Online
VitalMO18491880Sullivan County, Missouri Wills, 1849-1880Online
Census18501880U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880Online
CensusCA18501880Whiteside(s) names listed in California censuses for selected counties, 1850-1880Online
HistoryPA18531880An historical account of Pennsylvania Female College, 1853-1880Online
VitalVA18531880Princess Anne County, Virginia Births, 1853-80Online
VitalVA18661880Fayette County, West Virginia Births, 1866-80Online
VitalVA18701880Caroline County, Virginia Births, 1870-1880Online
ChurchCA18741880Caroline Churchill, California Travel Letters, 1874-80Online
OtherUT18771880Davis County, Utah Divorce Registers of Actions, 1877, 1880Online
Directory18791880Boyd's West Chester directory for 1879-80 : containing a general and complete business directory of the town, to which is addeOnline
Directory18791880Jamestown directory, 1879-80Online
Directory18791880The Chester city directory, 1879-80 : containing a general directory of the citizens, a partnership directory, a street directoOnline
Census18801880 United States Federal CensusOnline
History1880A history of Grassy Creek Baptist Church from its foundation to 1880 : with biographical sketches of its pastors and ministersOnline
Church1880Bicentennial celebration of the Old Stone Church, September 29, 1880Online
Other1880Celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Boston, September 17,1880Online
Other1880Colorado: 1880CD
Directory1880Corbett, Hoye & Co.'s sixth annual city directory of the City of Denver, 1880.Online
Immigrant1880Emigrant's Guide to South Africa 1880 (on CD)CD
Other1880Emma Adams, Trips to California, 1880sOnline
Other1880Exercises in celebrating the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Cambridge : held December 28, 1880.Online
Other1880Fourth report of the Record Commissioners of the city of Boston, 1880.Online
Military1880History of Seneca County : from the close of the Revolutionary War to July, 1880 : embracing many personal sketches of pioneersOnline
Church1880One hundredth anniversary of the Congregational Church at Meriden, N.H., May 2d, 1880Online
Other1880Perth Amboy, 1880, annual registerOnline
Other1880Poem read at the centennial celebration of the town of Northfield : June 19, 1880Online
Vital1880Prince Edward Island, Canada Land/Gazetteer Records: 1880Online
Other1880Queensland Government Gazette 1880 (on CD)CD
Vital1880Robert Louis Stevenson, Silverado, California, 1880sOnline
Directory1880The Cleveland directory, for the year ending June, 1880Online
Other1880The development of Chicago and vicinity as a manufacturing center prior to 1880Online
Other1880Two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the First Parish of Watertown, Mass. : Sunday, November 28, 1880.Online
Other1880Whiteside(s) names listed in 1880 Soundex IndexOnline
Directory18801881Minneapolis city directory for 1880-81 : comprising a complete list of the citizens of Minneapolis, with place of business andOnline
Directory18801881The Chester city directory, 1880-81 : including the borough of South Chester : containing a general directory of the citizens,Online
Other18801892Oxford Men, 1880-1892Online
Other18801895Brown's miscellaneous writings upon a great variety of subjects : prepared and written from 1880 to 1895Online
Other18801905Purpose, principles, and progress of the Buffalo Baptist Union, 1880-1905Online
Other18801923Smith's barn : 'a child's history' of the west side, Worcester, 1880-1923Online
Other18801970Harford, 1880-1970Online
DirectoryAL18801895Montgomery, Alabama Directories, 1880-95Online
OtherCO1880Clear Creek and Boulder Valleys, Colorado History, 1880Online
DirectoryCO1880Colorado state business directory : with Colorado mining directory and Colorado live stock directory departments, 1880 : contaiOnline
CensusIN1880Clark County, Indiana Census, 1880Online
VitalIN18801920Indiana Births, 1880-1920Online
OtherKS1880Kansas Post Offices, 1880Online
OtherME1880Celebration of the decennial anniversary of the founding of New Sweden, Maine, July 23, 1880Online
HistoryME1880History of Paris, Maine to 1880Online
OtherMI18801890Population of Michigan, 1880, 1890 : showing the population of each county, township, city and village, and the last apportionmOnline
OtherMN1880Statistics of the state of Minnesota for 1880 : being the twelfth annual report of the commissioner of statistics.Online
CensusMO1880Howell County, Missouri Census, 1880Online
HistoryNC18801915Economic and social history of Chowan County, North Carolina, 1880-1915Online
HistoryNY1880Historical discourse, Utica, New York, 1880Online
OtherNY1880List of registered voters in the city of New York, for the year 1880Online
OtherRI1880Celebration of the two-hundredth anniversary of the settlement of the town of Bristol, Rhode Island : September 24th, A.D. 1880Online
OtherUT1880Utah: 1880CD
VitalVA18801884Floyd County, Virginia Births, 1880-84Online
VitalVA18801887Augusta County, Virginia Births, 1880-87Online
VitalVA18801896Brunswick County, Virginia Births, 1880-96Online
VitalVA18801896Culpeper County, Virginia Deaths, 1880-96Online
VitalVA18801896Prince Edward County, Virginia Deaths, 1880-96Online
CensusWA1880Index to the 1880 census of Yakima County, Washington TerritoryOnline
HistoryWY, NY1880Complete name index to Beers' History of Wyoming County, N.Y., 1880Online

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